“Upstate & Litigate 3: The Trial Process” is Now Live!

justice scales and gavel on black shiny desk

Attorney-Partners John DeGasperis and Derek Spada are trial lawyers of Basch & Keegan in Kingston, New York. Both are back for episode 3 of Upstate & Litigate, their hit legal podcast series. This episode is titled “The Trial Process,” so of course, they had a lot to share about what the typical trial process looks like from start to finish. Everything from cases-in-chief and motions to rebuttals and closing arguments, and how they can change entirely from one court or county to another, is discussed. Be sure to tune in if you’ve ever been curious about what a trial really looks like — not a Hollywood depiction of one — or if you’re headed into a trial soon as a plaintiff, defendant, or new trial lawyer!

Please use the links below to watch the entire podcast featuring Attorneys Spada and DeGasperis. If you have questions or comments about the trial process, please engage with us in the comments section of the YouTube video. Thank you!

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