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Basch & Keegan LLP is comprised of local lawyers who feel a close connection to the Kingston community. When we hear that a friend, neighbor, or another community member has suffered a serious back or spine injury, we want to know if we can lend our legal talents and abilities to help them. We take every case personally and give every client personalized representation. No one is handed a cookie-cutter legal strategy here; each case is progressed deliberately and constructed carefully.

Our history of success also speaks for how much we care about our clients. Across our decades of legal practice experience – we first opened our doors in 1987 – we have secured tens of millions of dollars in compensation for more than 10,000 clients. It is a great feeling to know we have helped so many locals, and we would like to see if we can do the same for you.

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Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

The cause of your spinal cord injury will determine both liability and how we should go about building your claim. Early in the claim process, we will want to investigate the details of your accident to clarify the cause and, ideally, place full liability on a third party. When another party is 100% liable for your spinal cord injury, we can make the argument that they should also be 100% accountable for your resulting damages.

What are some of the most common causes of spinal cord injuries?

Damages You Can Claim

What has been the financial impact of your spinal cord injury? The answer is not always as obvious as it might seem. The extent of your spinal cord injury will also significantly change the number of damages you can pursue.

For example, the most severe spinal cord injuries cause immediate and permanent paralysis, but more mild cases might only cause motion limitations and soreness. People who are paralyzed will experience worse hardships than those with chronic soreness, resulting in higher damages required. When the extent of your injury is severe but not fully diagnosed, we can work with medical experts to get a clearer picture of the harm it has caused and how it will likely affect you in the future, which allows us to better calculate your damages.

In your claim, we might be able to secure damages for:

  • Emergency medical care and hospitalization
  • Lifelong physical therapy sessions
  • Lost wages and reduced earning capacity
  • Pain, suffering, and emotional scarring

Giving You a Voice When Insurance Companies Won’t Listen

The greatest obstacle in most spinal cord injury cases is usually an insurance company. They do not want to pay sizable amounts to any claimant, especially spinal cord injury claimants, because it hurts their bottom line. To make them take your claim seriously and understand the hardships you now face, let our Kingston spinal cord injury lawyers be your voice. We do not hesitate to stand up to large insurance companies and we prepare every case as if it will go to trial.

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