Reviews & referrals

The Basch & Keegan LLP team of Kingston personal injury attorneys has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for injury victims throughout Upstate NY. We understand the financial and emotional strain that a severe accident can have on your life. Our experienced attorneys are here to maximize your recovery and secure the compensation you deserve. We’ve handled over 15,000 cases and know how to get the most value out of your claim.

      "Your first mistake would be not to call Basch & Keegan because they truly are the very best in every way."

      When you get hurt you want the best. Your first mistake would be not to call Basch & Keegan because they truly are the very best in every way. Aside from Derek Spada’s intellect, he is a wonderful person. He is graceful and powerful in the courtroom where everyone stands in amazement. They continued to get me more and more money over a 7-year period and counting with more on the way. All of the attorneys treated me like family which is very important when you are injured. Derek Spada has become my personal friend and holds a special place in my heart forever.

      Sonja R.
      "Derek was extremely helpful and informative through every step of the way."

      I came to the firm in 2019 with a slip-and-fall case. Derek was extremely helpful and informative through every step of the way. Everyone in the firm was pleasant. I am very happy with the outcome of my case. Thank you for helping to achieve this victorious win! I highly recommend this amazing firm!

      Brittany D.
      "I will certainly recommend Maureen Keegan in the future!"

      Many thanks to Maureen Keegan, at the law firm Basch & Keegan, for her patience and continued support during a difficult time. My accident in 2019 was followed by a very serious global pandemic (COVID-19), unlike anything the United States had ever experienced. Throughout the 2+ years, Maureen Keegan continued to persevere on my behalf, contacting doctors, etc. and continually informing me of the status of my case. My questions and concerns were answered promptly. I will certainly recommend Maureen Keegan in the future as a caring, concerned, able, and understanding attorney.

      Jacqueline S.
      "This firm will fight for you and get results! We cannot recommend them enough!"

      I was severely injured in a head-on accident. John DeGasperis handled my case over the past 3.5 years and I would highly recommend him. One of my injuries is a TBI and I have found so many people lack the understanding of what someone goes through and how different TBIs can be. John not only understood this but helped bring it to light and show how unfortunately this truly impacts my daily life. He understood it beyond just what my medical records showed and took the time to listen to me.

      Both John and Katie kept in regular contact and were always available to answer any questions. Above everything, they showed genuine concern for me and my family. It’s clear how passionate John is about his work and doing what’s best for his clients. He is extremely hard-working, dedicated, and personable. Although we chose to settle, I had full confidence and trusted John to take my case to trial. I truly feel we got the outcome we did because of having this team on our side.

      This firm will fight for you and get results! We cannot recommend them enough! I am forever grateful for John, Katie, and the rest of the Basch & Keegan team!

      Jessica S.
      "Helpful & Honest"

      John was quick to respond, helpful and honest regarding my situation and the questions I had. Also easy to talk to which is always appreciated!

      Trisha V.
      "John has won my accident case with the largest possible payment!"

      Great attorneys, John has won my accident case with the largest possible payment and makes himself available and is everything I expect from an attorney. Eli's reputation is stellar. Can't go wrong. Five stars

      Ali Z.
      "Their legal advice was 100% spot-on in hindsight"

      I have wanted to send a review of the quality of legal representation regarding my personal injury case, but I feared I would not have been able to adequately express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all the work completed by Maureen Keegan, Eli Basch, and their amazing staff of legal secretaries and assistants. So instead, I procrastinated for the last 14 months.

      Because of the final agreement Basch & Keegan secured for me, I have been able to satisfy the debt incurred since I lost my job because of the injuries. I have been able to help with the household budget as well as position ourselves nicely for retirement. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I would have been able to get the same results by myself.

      I have learned that personal injury cases are not easy to litigate. Having a deep understanding of personal injury law is only 1 requirement. A solid grasp of insurance law, be it worker’s compensation, auto, home, or commercial liability to name a few, is also necessary. It was evident early on Maureen & Eli knew exactly how my case needed to proceed.

      Their legal advice was 100% spot-on in hindsight. They knew I had a “new reality” to live with and they felt that I had a solid case to litigate. Again, there was NO WAY I would have been able to handle this on my own.

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!! I & my husband are eternally grateful.

      I highly recommend this law office for any person dealing with a personal injury. Listen to the advice they give you. Do exactly what they tell you to do. It’s a bumpy ride full of traps.

      Elizabeth W.
      "Thank you for your help and support during our case"

      Dear John and Team at Basch & Keegan, 

      Thank you for your help and support during our case. Especially with our language challenges. It is comforting to be in the hands of a professional and caring team.

      Thanks again! 

      Xi R. and Huang L.
      "Very flexible around my work schedule and gave me time to discuss my case"

      I was referred to John through a friend on a unique legal situation. John was very flexible around my work schedule and gave me time to discuss my case and provide me clear paths forward in a very professional manner. I was quite emotional due to the situation and John was able to very clearly explain all angles of the case that I was previously blind to in order to ensure that we were making the best decision given the situation. I would highly recommend John to others.

      Travis P.
      "You made such a difference"

      Maureen, you made such a difference and it is so deeply appreciated. Once again, thank you for everything you did. 

      Gail & William D.
      "My gratitude is immense"

      Maureen, I wanted to thank you for bringing my mother flowers while she was in the hospital. She always spoke so highly of you. She talked about what an inspiration you were to her. I also know you helped her win a case for Ted when she was going through a difficult time after he passed. 

      Words cannot express the gratitude we have for your kindness and generosity through this difficult time. Thank you for being apart of Maryanne's life story. 

      Jennifer S. & Maryanne J.
      "Thank you so much for your sponsorship to the Kingston Farmer's Market"

      Eli, Thank you so much for your sponsorship to the Kingston Farmer's Market. Your contribution helped us towards our goals of environmental sustainability and be able to reach out to more communities in Kingston by hiring a Food Access Coordinator. Wishing you peace and prosperity this season! 

      Laura C.
      "I feel so happy I chose Basch & Keegan to represent me"

      Mr. Basch, I want to thank you for making me feel very comfortable talking to you. I feel so happy I chose Basch & Keegan to represent me. Like I said to you before, "you impressed me", and I feel my case is in very good hands.

      Vince M.
      "The best thing is they get back to you and keep you up to date"

      The best thing is they get back to you and keep you up to date. If you have a question, they won't ignore you. Very professional and obviously, very successful in making clients happy. I was referred by a friend back in 2002 and would recommend them highly.

      Scott M.
      "Question about information regarding my car accident"

      I had a question about information regarding my car accident. John replied back and also answered my questions in a timely manner. He didn’t charge me and was very kind. Thank you for your time.

      Marie C.
      "Very dedicated and concerned with my case and my health"

      Had experience recently in a trial. John DeGasperis of Basch & Keegan of Kingston, NY was my Attorney. He was very dedicated and concerned with my case and my health. Second time using Basch & Keegan. First used in 2002-2003. They are very capable, honest and hard-working for their clients. I would definitely use them again.

      Carol F.
      "One in a million"

      That moment when we thought everything was over and we're thinking about going to someone else, here came John. Trust me he’s the best, we have to give credit where it is due. My husband and I didn’t know who to turn to when our son had an accident at a daycare in Kingston. Then one evening he came home with this name on a paper with a number.

      John at Basch & Keegan is a one in a million kind of guy. He not only helped us with our son's accident, but he was also there to help me when I needed to sign documents. I will call Basch & Keegan again if needed and know that John would come to my Rescue. Thank you, John, and keep doing what you do best.

      Loris B.
      "Open and honest"

      Very open and honest, John was amazing throughout the process.

      Jennifer W.
      "This is the right firm"

      If you've been wrongfully hurt this is the right firm.

      Dave M.

      This is the first attorney to take on my case, after having called at least 10 firms before Basch and Keegan. I'm really hopeful for positive results for my claim.

      Former Client
      "Above and beyond to help"

      Thank you for everything you all have done to help my family over the years! You go above and beyond to help with anything we needed.

      Joyce S.
      "Communication was transparent and constantly flowing"

      John made my tragic experience bearable. Communication was transparent and constantly flowing. I appreciate the time and effort that created positive results. John and his team were very helpful and made the process easier than normal. I would both use and recommend Basch and Keegan for any future cases.

      Brianna A.
      "Thank you all"

      Nothing like comfort and really coming out of this office thank you all. Special thanks to John DeGasperis for overseeing and working through a “mess “ much appreciated.

      Tania W.
      "Professional and responsive"

      Professional and responsive. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with John DeGasperis and Basch & Keegan.

      B. Devine
      "Made my day"

      The most responsive, best hearted and HONEST lawyer I have ever come across in my life. What a guy! The term “Stand up guy” doesn’t fit anyone like it fits John Degasperis! Made my day!

      Mike M.
      "So helpful"

      So helpful, clear and direct and they got the job done!

      Herman N.
      "I needed advice"

      I needed advice. Although, the case wasn't the right fit for this type of law firm, I was given very helpful advice, and it was absolutely free!

      Mark L.
      "Guided me with thorough explanations"

      John, Lori, and the whole staff helped me through a challenging process with professional, informed, expert, plain-language explanations & kindness. I was in a pretty bad car accident; & quite hesitant about the legal process. John guided me with thorough explanations, options, possibilities & a realistic time frame. Overtime & experience I came to trust John's counsel. This is a very busy firm, yet I never felt rushed & I never felt like a number. Eli & all have successfully created a law firm that balances expertise & proficiency found in large firms with attention & warmth found in small firms. While observing John in action, it soon became obvious that he has exceptional negotiating skills combined with a wide & deep breath of knowledge & experience. He stayed on top of the case & aggressively sought compensation for all of the consequences of the accident.
      I highly recommend John DeGasperis & Basch & Keegan for great representation.

      Deborah R.
      "I would strongly recommend"

      My husband and I have known John for a number of years. After an unfortunate issue with a local medical facility, we reached out to John for legal assistance. John was upfront and answered any and all concerns. He was able to help us successfully reach a resolution. I would strongly recommend John and his law firm to my friends and family members should they need his services.

      Alexandra L.
      "John DeGasperis is a great lawyer"

      John DeGasperis is a great lawyer. He possesses a substantial skill set. He works diligently to prepare, demonstrates a mastery of the relevant legal concepts, expresses himself clearly and convincingly and, most importantly, is a compassionate listener. We would hire him again in a second.

      Steven P.
      "Highly recommend"

      John and the staff were excellent throughout the entire process! Highly recommend.

      Justin L.
      "John really knows his business.."

      John Degasperis is the best lawyer in town really knows his business, I highly recommend

      Sadom S.
      "We were taken care of"

      John and Staff were wonderful! John fought for what was right and made sure my medical bills and costs were taken care of.

      DJ M.
      "Thank you again"

      I just would like to say thank you to Basch and Keegan Law Office!
      John DeGasperis you did an amazing job with our case and we can not thank you all enough. I will recommend your office to anyone that is in need of an injury or accident lawyer!
      Thank you again!

      Ben R.
      "He listened to me, explained things clearly"

      Following a car accident in June of 2017, a friend recommended I contact John DeGasperis of Basch & Keegan. This being the first serious accident I'd ever been in, I did not know what to do. I had high deductible insurance and was very afraid of what this was going to cost me. The first thing John did for me was to help me realize I didn't need to use my own medical insurance to see doctors and have the tests that were required to help me to heal.

      Throughout this process, John was incredibly helpful and professional. He listened to me, explained things clearly, kept me informed and then got me a very fair settlement just over a year after the accident. I would absolutely recommend John DeGasperis and Basch & Keegan without reservation!

      Laura M.
      "Great service"

      I am very satisfied with the services provided to me and my mother relating to car accidents in which we were involved. I would recommend your firm to anyone requiring your services. Thanks to John and all of the staff.

      Juana R. Poughkeepsie, NY
      "Professional Fierceness."

      I have never needed a lawyer for anything and when I needed one due to a motor vehicle accident I was told Basch & Keegan are the best. Upon my first meeting with Derek Spada I felt relieved and most of all safe (lawyers can be are pretty intimidating). He represented me with confidence, and with the utmost respect. Derek knows his law, he always looked out for my best interest, never pushy but with a quiet like assertiveness that kept me at ease. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an amazing lawyer, who is knowledgeable, easy to talk to and always available. Thank you Derek for all of your hard work with my case. Truly Grateful!

      Alexsa M. Kingston, NY
      "Extremely helpful law firm and staff"

      Extremely helpful law firm and staff...John and his staff nothing but the best.

      Mike F.
      "This is the right firm"

      If you've been wrongfully hurt this is the right firm.

      Dave M.
      "Clear and direct"

      So helpful. Clear and direct and get the job done!

      Herman N.
      "Highly recommended!"

      Extremely responsive, even after hours! Highly recommended!

      Danielle S.
      "Consistently provides sound legal advice"

      When you have a legal question this firm consistently provides sound legal advice.

      Reid G.
      "Very knowledgeable and always well prepared"

      Great firm to work with, very knowledgeable and always well prepared.

      Joe B.
      "Goes above and beyond"

      John is very knowledgeable, responsive and goes above and beyond.

      Ingrid S.
      "Professional, Responsive & Communicative"

      Maureen and her crew do one heck of a job!!!!

      Clayton S.
      "Best of the best of the best!"

      Compassionate, dedicated, professional...Eli, Maureen, Derek, John, and all the of the best of the best! Thank you for all your service!

      Charlie C.
      "Professional and responsive"

      Professional and responsive. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with John DeGasperis and Basch & Keegan.

      Emily P.
      "They strive for excellence!"

      Mr Basch is a very nice gentleman, and lawyer, keeping your best interests at hand. Getting you what you deserve, they strive for excellence.

      Martha I.
      "I would highly recommend him"

      John DeGasperis was always understanding,courteous, professional & always return my calls within the same day. I would highly recommend him.

      Barbara R.
      "Very attentive when it came to my company's legal needs!"

      I have worked with John DeGasperis multiple times now and would highly recommend him. The staff at Basch and Keegan were very attentive when it came to my company's legal needs!

      Kingston Athletics
      "Very professional and courteous"

      John represented my son in a felony criminal case that went to a jury trial. He worked very diligently in this case. John was very professional and courteous in and out of the courtroom. In the end, my son was found not guilty thanks to John DeGasperis.

      Linda B.
      "From start to finish they’ve been on it"

      Excellent. From start to finish they’ve been on it. John is a real down-to-earth guy. He was absolutely helpful through the whole lawsuit process. He went above and beyond to defend our case.

      Ricardo M.
      "My case was settled within six months"

      I would highly recommend this practice for anyone dealing with any sort of personal injury claim. My case was settled within six months of the accident that I was involved with. Everyone who works here is very friendly, helpful, and professional. I personally dealt with John DeGasperis and he was very vigilant and worked very hard towards my settlement. I went into the situation just expecting the bare minimum to get my lost wages covered while I was out of work, but he was able to get me a much higher settlement amount than I expected. I appreciate the folks that work at this law firm and would recommend them to anyone in their tough times.

      Kyle L.
      "I can imagine no firm that could have or would have worked as hard"

      After my son passed away in 2013 I had approached several law firms about taking his case but was summarily turned away. Basch & Keegan took my case when others would not. Maureen worked diligently on my behalf, never giving up. I can imagine no firm that could have or would have worked as hard.

      Craig S.
      "Professional, talented, and hard-working"

      The attorneys and staff at Basch & Keegan are professional, talented, and hard-working. The attorneys at Basch & Keegan utilize their extensive experience and expertise to achieve consistent results for their clients. I highly recommend this law firm and, in fact, I trust them so much I refer my friends and clients to them.

      Billy K.
      "Great experience with their service"

      Had a great experience with their service they are very professional and are extremely helpful. They turned my case from what seemed to be nothing into a great case and eventually came to a win! Highly recommend.

      Nicholas C.
      "Constant guidance, support, and attention"

      After my car accident in 2018, I was scared, out of work and overwhelmed. B&K was a source of stability during a very dark time. The office staff were attentive, organized and prompt and made me feel like a priority. My lawyer, John Degasperis, always made me feel important even when it became clear that my legal needs would not be a huge financial gain for him. He provided constant guidance, support and attention to not just my legal needs but also demonstrated a concern for my physical and emotional well being. I would recommend this firm without hesitation.

      Danielle G.
      "Hiring Basch & Keegan is easily the best decision I could have made"

      In 2017 I was severely injured in a workplace accident fracturing my hip, pelvis, and back injury resulting in permanent nerve damage. A friend recommended Basch & Keegan. Attorney John DeGasperis first visited while I was in rehab and agreed to handle my case. It took four years from filing through settlement but John and the staff at Basch & Keegan met with me frequently to keep me current on the case status so I was never left wondering. The defendants settled shortly before trial for more than I thought possible. John, Eli, Kate, Lori, and the rest of the staff are outstanding and dedicated to their client's needs. Hiring Basch & Keegan is easily the best decision I could have made.

      Mark F.
      "Excellent communicator"

      I had a slip and fall in 2019, where John came out, decided to take my case. He is a professional and an excellent communicator of my needs. With me residing in Florida, I wasn't sure of the effect it would have. No worries, John and his staff handled everything. Thank you.

      Sue B.
      "We got a better outcome than expected"

      John was fantastic to work with. Very personable and understanding throughout the process of my mother's slip and fall case. We got a better outcome than expected, all due to John’s diligent work. Would highly recommend.

      Bonnie B.
      "Thoughtful and diligent"

      Attentive, thorough, and very competent, I found John De Gasperis, who handled my case, to be thoughtful and diligent through all the proceedings. It was a nuanced case that required skillful handling which he executed with ease and graciousness. We won the case as a result. I highly recommend this practice.

      Nadia K.