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Each year, thousands of people experience injuries caused by accidents in department stores and supermarkets. Did you know that if you slip, trip, and fall on the property of a supermarket or department store in Ulster, Greene, or Dutchess County, you may have a valid legal claim against the business?

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Do I Have a Supermarket Accident Injury Claim?

In short, it must be proven that the store’s staff was negligent and that the unsafe condition resulted in your injury. It also needs to be demonstrated that the store’s management knew or should reasonably have known about the unsafe condition(s) and did not fix the issue(s) promptly.

How Can I Prove the Store or Supermarket was Liable for My Injury?

Answer: take photographs and fill out an accident report at the store! Proof that the supermarket is liable for an injury is key. The injured person needs to prove that the store owner or manager knew about the condition and that they took no action to fix it. The injured also should have valid documentation for the injuries sustained from the incident.

Store owners and managers, property owners, and employees may be liable for injuries if they caused a hazardous condition, knew of a hazardous condition, and/or should have known about a hazardous condition.

Who is Responsible for an Accident in a Store?

If the store owner owns the property, then the responsible party would be the store owner. However, many store owners lease their property, so you might have a legal claim against the landlord/property owner.

  • Example 1: If you slipped and fell at ShopRite due to a structural issue with the building (such as a water leak) your injury claim would be against the property owner.

  • Example 2: If you slipped and fell at Hannaford due to a wet floor without safety cones or warning signs around the wet surface to alert you, your injury claim would be against Hannaford.

How Do I Settle My Slip and Fall Claim?

Here are some helpful tips and guidelines on settling your slip and fall claim:

  • Be able to prove that there is a clear link between your injuries and the incident at the department store

  • Show that the department store had reasonable notice that the condition that led to your injury was dangerous: This can be done through video surveillance, sworn testimony, or incident reports.

  • Document your injuries and keep a copy of all related medical records

  • Document all of your expenses resulting from your injuries

It will be your responsibility to document your medical records and expenses associated with the case. Our firm can work with you, however, to pursue the best possible outcome to settle your slip and fall case. That will require the investigative skill and diligence of our slip and fall accident attorneys.

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