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Whether commuting to one’s workplace, attending a conference, or visiting a cafe, our everyday life requires extensive professional and social interactions in a wide variety of premises on a continual basis. Throughout these necessary transactions, we live with a common sense of trust that the location, environment, and property we engage in is safe and hazard-free.

It is the duty of anyone who owns or manages property, from individuals to municipalities and organizations, to be responsible for any property issues that could potentially cause us harm. Unfortunately, however, such managers and owners are not always careful about conducting frequent inspections of their properties, which can lead to extensive damages to your health and wellbeing. Here at Basch & Keegan LLP, our Kingston premises liability attorneys are determined to help you receive full reparations for any injuries or losses you have received from a property owner’s negligence.

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What Counts as a Premises Liability Claim?

While not all accidents that take place on private property can count as actionable claims, any scenarios where the property owner or manager has caused, ignored, or neglected to observe hazardous conditions could potentially be a great liability. In these situations, the owner could be culpable for any losses or injuries you have suffered from their negligence.

There are countless ways that the acts of property managers and owners, or their failure to take proper action, could have a dangerous outcome on you and your person.

Just a few examples of the complex premises liability cases our lawyers have solved for our clients include:

  • Cracked or broken stairs

  • Damaged or fractured sidewalk surfaces

  • Falls and trips from ramps or steps

  • Broken asphalt or cement surfaces

  • Icy sidewalks or steps

  • Wet or damp floors or stairs

  • Damage caused by untended tree roots or branches

  • Accidents involving hotels or motels

  • Injuries received on retail shop premises

  • Accidents or harm taking place at a restaurant

  • Elevator accidents

  • Escalator injuries

  • Apartment Fires

  • Insufficient security

  • Dim or broken lighting fixtures

  • Damaged or hazardous gym equipment

  • Burns from unmarked or poorly labeled products

  • Failure to warn visitors of unsafe conditions

Property Owner Negligence

In the State of New York, it can sometimes be challenging for victims to receive full compensation for damages because state premises liability law often tends to side with the property owners. Our empathetic lawyers are ready to immediately conduct a detailed evaluation of all of the problematic circumstances involved in the injury. We can then determine everyone liable to pay reparations, from the property owner to the management company to the building designer.

Our duty is to demonstrate that the owner was aware or should have realized the extensive problems surrounding the hazardous locale or conditions, and to prove that no action had been taken to resolve the issue or sufficiently warn visitors. After establishing liability, our lawyers work directly with clients, never subcontracting. This way, we can endeavor to gain the full value of any losses of income, past or future medical attention and therapy, long-term or short-term effects of disability, and damage to your emotional and mental health.

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Due to our prompt and rigorous investigations, our attorneys serving Upstate NY and Ulster County are equipped to help you succeed in gaining considerable settlements and awards from the court. By taking swift action, our direct and equitable services at Basch & Keegan LLP can ensure that you get the full reparations you deserve for the toll on your health and wellbeing.

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