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Truck accidents often cause extensive damage to drivers who are in vehicles smaller than tractor trailers, and the idea of suing a trucking company for those damages can be intimidating.

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Unique & Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Many of the reckless driving behaviors that contribute to car accidents can cause truck accidents as well. For example, distracted driving and driver fatigue are often the cause of truck accidents. However, tractor trailer operation also presents risks that are unique to truck accidents. Truck drivers are often under strict and rigorous deadlines that require them. When they do get the opportunity to sleep, it is often in an unfamiliar place that is not conducive to proper sleep efforts. This makes fatigued driving an increased risk for truck driving accidents.

Additionally, negligence in a trucking company’s operations or the actions of a truck driver can be a cause of collisions.

Here is a breakdown of the most common causes of tractor trailer and truck accidents include:

  • General reckless driving

  • Distracted driving

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs

  • Overweight or hazardous cargo

  • Driver fatigue / Hours of Service violations

  • Maintenance and repair issues

  • Defective vehicle parts

  • Road conditions

  • Negligent hiring and training

  • Other safety violations

Who is Liable for Truck Accidents?

As you can see, many of the most common causes of tractor trailer and truck accidents are factors that are out of the driver’s control. In these cases, who is liable for resulting damages?

Trucking companies are almost always involved in accident cases involving their drivers. A driver’s employer may be directly at fault for collisions resulting from safety violations, too-demanding schedules, or instances in which a driver was hired despite inexperience or a history of reckless driving.

Although drivers are often ultimately responsible for causing collisions, the cause of those collisions can often be attributed to the negligence of employers. Even in cases in which a driver is almost completely responsible for a truck accident — such as in cases of distracted driving or DUI — trucking companies are involved in litigation. Oftentimes, they have large legal teams and insurance providers to back them up.

Third parties may be liable for tractor trailer accidents in some instances. In cases in which poor vehicle or road maintenance is to blame, the people responsible for maintaining a truck or the road could be found at fault. If parties who are responsible for investigating and regulating the safety or trucking companies fall short, resulting in an accident, they may be liable for damages.

Evidence of Neglect in Tractor Trailer and Truck Accident Cases

Trucking companies often maintain extensive records of their business. These records can be useful if you are injured in a truck accident. Additionally, tractor trailers often have devices that track the use of the vehicles, such as the “black box,” which records data on a truck’s operations.

The following pieces of evidence may be useful in your truck or tractor trailer accident case:

  • Photographs of the accident scene

  • Photographs of your injuries

  • Medical records

  • Bills

  • Evidence of your time off work and lost wages

  • Traffic surveillance footage

  • Witness accounts

  • Black box data from the tractor trailer

  • Hiring documents from the trucking company

  • Safety violation records

  • Hours of Service records, trip logs, and GPS data

  • Police report

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