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When most people hear about accidents that occur at construction sites, they usually think about dropped objects or large collisions. However, one of the highest risks of accidents at construction sites actually result from trips, slips, and falls at the workplace.

Accidents like falling or slipping can often cause great embarrassment, especially when they occur in a public location like the workplace. Even worse, however, they can cause great consequences, resulting in both short-term injuries and long-term side effects. Our Kingston trip and fall accident lawyers at Basch & Keegan LLP can aid you in getting extensive compensation for the severe losses you have experienced on account of another’s negligence.

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Common Causes of Slip & Fall Accidents

Trips, slips, and falls can occur anywhere at a construction site, and depending on where you fall, can cause extensive, painful damage.

Common sources of slips, trips, and falls on a construction site include:

  • Cracked or broken asphalt

  • Wet or damp floors or surfaces

  • Spills from sticky materials

  • Worn or frayed floorboards or carpet

  • Loose or rippled carpets

  • Leaks from hazardous chemicals

  • Uneven tiles

  • Broken or cracked stairs

  • Dim or non-existent lighting

  • Loose or raised screws and nails

  • Crowded hallways and aisles

  • Damaged elevators or escalators

  • Loose, broken, or missing railings

  • Debris filling halls and walkways

  • Loose or trailing cables and wires

  • Level changes in ramps or doorways

  • Unsafe or wobbly ladders

Construction sites can be filled with multiple instances of these varied, hazardous conditions. A responsible building owner or manager makes frequent checks of the construction site, ensuring safety for any workers on the location. If managers are careless or ignorant, or simply do not take the time to correct these risks, they are liable to pay reparations for the damage and injuries you receive on account of these threats to your health and wellbeing.

Knowing Your Legal Rights for Damage from Slips, Trips, and Falls

Accidents from falling and tripping at a construction site can create extensive consequences of pain, suffering, and stress for you or your loved ones, and you deserve the right to pursue justice by obtaining full compensation from those responsible. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to claim damages related to past and future medical attention, rehabilitation, and therapy.

You can also gain reparation for reduced wages in being forced to take time from work, as well as future income losses resulting from physical injuries. In addition, you often can seek compensation for the emotional damage of pain, suffering, and stress you have received. In the tragic case that a loved one loses their life due to a construction site fall, family members can pursue compensation for this heartbreaking fatality.

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