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Derek J. Spada


Derek J. Spada was born in Kingston, raised in Saugerties, and currently resides in Woodstock. He has successfully concluded thousands of personal injury cases since becoming an attorney. Mr. Spada is often assigned the most complex aspects of personal injury cases. He is highly regarded by his peers and has become an especially accomplished appellate attorney.

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Derek is highly regarded by his peers. He has been voted President of the Ulster County Bar Association for an unprecedented three terms, served as the Chair of the Ulster Country Board of Ethics since 2016, and been a member of the Character and Fitness Committee for the Third Judicial Department since 2013. Derek has also coached his son’s Little League baseball team for several years.

Mr. Spada is a two-term President of the Ulster County Bar Association and previously served as the Treasurer for several years. He is the Chairman of the Ulster County Board of Ethics. Additionally, Mr. Spada is a member of the Character and Fitness Committee of the Third Judicial Department and a member of the Civil Appeals Settlement Program Advisory Committee of the Third Judicial Department.



After only four years in practice, Derek J. Spada received Martindale-Hubbell’s highest peer review rating: AV Preeminent. He has since received the following honors:


Derek received his Bachelor of Arts from the College of Saint Rose, Magna Cum Laude, in 1999 and Juris Doctor from Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University in 2002. He also studied abroad at Oxford University in Oxford, England.

In law school, Derek was a member of the Cardozo Moot Court Honor Society from 2000-2002. While a member of Moot Court, he was the Northeast Regional Winner and Winner of the Best Brief Award in the Giles Sutherland Rich Moot Court Competition in Boston, MA, and advanced to semifinalist in the national Giles Sutherland Rich competition held in Washington, D.C. He also clerked for Hon. George B. Daniels in the Federal Southern District of New York.

At graduation, Derek was awarded the Jacob Burns Medal for Best Brief, which is given to the best writer on the Moot Court Honor Society.

Teaching Engagements:

Derek has taught the following topics at continuing legal education courses:

How to Lay a Foundation to Get Your Evidence Introduced, October 2021

Civil Trial Case Presentation, August 2020

Personal Injury Evidence: Social Media, Smartphones, Experts and Medical Records, June 2018

Plaintiff’s Personal Injury from Start to Finish, June 2017

Litigating Slip, Trip, and Fall Cases in New York, December 2016

Voir Dire and Jury Selection, March 2015

Applying the Rules of Evidence: What Every Attorney Needs to Know, May 2014

Litigating Automobile Accident Cases, July 2012

Awards and Accolades

After only four years in practice, Derek received Martindale-Hubbell’s highest peer review rating: AV Preeminent. He has since received the following honors:

Recent Verdicts/Settlements

Reported Appeals & Cases

Muscato v. Spare Time Entertainment, 74 Misc.3d 1215(A) (Schenectady County, 2022)

Capuzzi v. Fuller, 200 A.D.3d 1448 (3d Dep’t 2021)

Haggerty v. Northern Dutchess Hospital, 199 A.D.3d 783 (2d Dep’t 2021)

Lyall v. Justin Boot Company, 194 A.D.3d 1237 (3d Dep’t 2021)

Mesiti v. Martin, 190 A.D.3d 1145 (3d Dep’t 2021)

Mesiti v. Knight, 190 A.D.3d 1141 (3d Dep’t 2021)

Burns v. Childress, 189 A.D.3d 1939 (3d Dep’t 2020)

Cole v. Chun, 185 A.D.3d 1183 (3d Dep’t 2020)

Whiteside v. Stachecki, 180 A.D.3d 1291 (3d Dep’t 2020)

Mesiti v. Weiss, 178 A.D.3d 1332 (3d Dep’t 2019)

Morales v. Digesare Mechanical, Inc., 176 A.D.3d 1442 (3d Dep’t 2019)

Sarab v. BJ's Wholesale Club, 174 A.D.3d 933 (2d Dep’t 2019)

Ross v. GEICO Indemnity Company, 172 A.D.3d 1834 (3d Dep’t 2019)

Pelham v. Moracco, LLC, 172 A.D.3d 1689 (3d Dep’t 2019)

Metzger v. Lazala, 171 A.D.3d 1287 (3d Dep’t 2019)

Maksuta v. Heitzman, 165 A.D.3d 1550 (3d Dep’t 2018)

Pickles v. Hyde Park Central School District, 164 A.D.3d 701 (3d Dep’t 2018)

Martinez v. Allen, 163 A.D.3d 951 (3d Dep’t 2018)

Pineiro v. Rush, 163 A.D.3d 1097 (3d Dep’t 2018)

Mulligan v. R & D Properties of New York Inc., 162 A.D.3d 1301 (3d Dep’t 2018)

Torgersen v. A & F Black Creek Realty, LLC, 158 A.D.3d 1042 (3d Dep’t 2018)

Freligh v. Government Employees Insurance Company, 158 A.D.3d 858 (3d Dep’t 2018)

Freligh v. Government Employees Insurance Company, 30 N.Y.3d 1044 (Court of Appeals 2017)

Beck v. Stewart's Shops Corp., 156 A.D.3d 1040 (3d Dep’t 2017)

Calvitti v. 40 Garden, LLC, 155 A.D.3d 1399 (3d Dep’t 2017)

Freligh v. Government Employees Ins. Co., 152 A.D.3d 1145 (3d Dep’t 2017)

Mangra v. Bruck, 60 Misc.3d 1227(A) 14-1315 (Ulster County, 2016)

Williams v. State, 140 A.D.3d 1376 (3d Dep’t 2016)

Greener v. Town of Hurley, 140 A.D.3d 1285 (3d Dep’t 2016)

Billera v. Merritt Const., Inc., 139 A.D.3d 52 (3d Dep’t 2016)

Potter v. YMCA of Kingston & Ulster County, 136 A.D.3d 1265 (3d Dep’t 2016)

Mayr v. Alvarez, 130 A.D.3d 1199 (3d Dep’t 2015)

Clark v. Stewart's Ice Cream Co., 50 Misc.3d 1222(A) (Greene County, 2015)

Cicchetti v. Tower Windsor Terrace, LLC, 128 A.D.3d 1262 (3d Dep’t 2015)

D.T. v. Rich, 24 N.Y.3d 1103 (Court of Appeals, 2014)

Barley v. Robert J. Wilkins, Inc., 122 A.D.3d 1116 (3d Dep’t, 2014)

Ryan v. Taconic Realty Associates, 122 A.D.3d 708 (3d Dep’t 2014)

Shelley v. McCutcheon, 121 A.D.3d 1243 (3d Dep’t 2014)

Lacasse v. Sorbello, 121 A.D.3d 1241 (3d Dep’t 2014)

Cicchetti v. Tower Windsor Terrace, LLC, 53 Misc.3d 1216(A) (Ulster County, 2014)

Thomas v. Ku, 112 A.D.3d 1200 (3d Dep’t 2013)

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Paterno v. Strimling, 107 A.D.3d 1233 (3d Dep’t 2013)

Haire v. Bonelli, 107 A.D.3d 1204 (3d Dep’t 2013)

Rosier v. Stoeckeler, 101 A.D.3d 1310 (3d Dep’t 2012)

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Vanderlyn v. Daly, 97 A.D.3d 1053 (3d Dep’t 2012)

Gibbons v. Pine Bush Cent. School Dist., 97 A.D.3d 724 (2d Dep’t 2012)

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  • $4,000,000 | Tractor Trailer Accident

    A truck driver was rear-ended by another trucker and suffered failed back syndrome.

  • $4,000,000 | Motorcycle Accident

    Our client was a 34-year-old driving a motorcycle into work when she struck a pothole with her front tire causing her to lose control and impact a guardrail. Our client was transported by helicopter to Albany Medical Center, having suffered serious injuries.

  • $3,850,000 | Post-Operative Complication

    Attorneys John A. DeGasperis and Eli B. Basch negotiated a multi-million dollar settlement on behalf of an Albany County woman who sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) due to hospital and physician malpractice.

  • $3,750,000 | Slip & Fall

    After a long and difficult battle, justice was obtained. Our client was a grandmother visiting a museum with her grandchildren. She tripped and fell on a ramp that led from one room to another within the museum.

  • $3,300,000 | Floor Collapse

    Our client literally fell through the floor.

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Serious injuries require genuine representation
  • John was quick to respond, helpful and honest

    John was quick to respond, helpful and honest regarding my situation and the questions I had. Also easy to talk to which is always appreciated!

  • Strong and Persistent

    “Strong and Persistent”

  • Best of the best of the best!

    “Compassionate, dedicated, professional...Eli, Maureen, Derek, John, and all the staff.”

  • Professional, Responsive & Communicative

    Maureen and her crew do one heck of a job!!!!

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    “Highly recommended!”

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    Our attorneys spend significant time with each and every client, explaining the legal process and ensuring that our clients understand their options at every stage of their case.
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