Derek Spada Wins Against Corporate Drug Store

mop and bucket in foreground with shoppers walking in the background

A Basch & Keegan client received a six-figure settlement after slipping & falling on a wet floor at a corporate drug store. Derek Spada was the attorney who handled the matter.

Our client entered the store with the intention of purchasing coffee. She was familiar with the store layout as she had shopped there on prior occasions. She walked into the coffee aisle and after walking a short distance she slipped and fell because the floor was wet.

One of the defendant’s employees had just mopped the aisle, but did not put out any wet floor signs. There was a wet floor sign near the entrance to the store, but none in the aisle where the fall occurred. Further, the employee was standing in the aisle, but did not say anything to the customer.

Minutes after the incident our client knew she was significantly injured and called a relative to pick her up. She then asked the employee who had been mopping the floor to take photographs, which he did.

Our client had a previous back surgery and significant pre-existing conditions, but her injuries after the fall were considerable. She needed multiple back surgeries, and her course of treatment was lengthy and complicated by a post-surgical infection. Ultimately, she did not fully recover from her injuries.

The defense emphasized our client’s pre-existing condition, but Derek argued that she was far more capable and independent before falling at the drug store. He also explained that she did not need surgery until after the fall occurred.

Our client agreed to a settlement of $250,000 for her injuries.

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