“Upstate & Litigate 2: Slip and Falls” is Now Live!

Slippery sign on wet floor in office building

Ice and snow can result in serious slip and fall accidents and injuries, especially here in Upstate New York where the winter gets really chilly. In the newest episode of Upstate & Litigate, the Basch & Keegan podcast starring Attorneys John DeGasperis and Derek Spada, our hosts discuss the ins and outs of the average slip and fall accident claim or lawsuit, such as why you should never say “black ice” as the plaintiff. They also talk about a colorblind painting mishap, the law firm’s sponsorship of local community events, and more, so be sure to give it a view or listen!

If you want to know more, please watch the entire podcast using the links provided below. If you have any questions or comments, please follow the YouTube link and reach out to us in the comments section. We love engaging with our viewers this way. Thank you!

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