Six Figure Arbitration Award after Motorcycle Wreck

Six Figure Arbitration Award after Motorcycle Wreck

A Basch & Keegan client was awarded $423,000 for injuries sustained after a motorcycle crash. The crash happened in Ulster County, but our client originally went with a law firm outside of the county. The first lawyer asked for only $180,000 for the injuries and indicated that a lower settlement would be adequate. When our client hired Derek J. Spada, he knew that the prior attorney was seeking an amount that was too low. Derek fought for his client and was awarded substantially more than the amount sought by the previous lawyer.

Our client was traveling on an Ulster County road when the defendant attempted to make a left turn into her driveway. She did not see our client and turned directly in his path. He was transported by ambulance to a local hospital. He was treated with stiches to his leg, provided with an ace bandage, leg immobilizer and crutches and released the same day. He had a fracture and torn ligaments in his knee that ultimately required surgery and months of physical therapy.

The medical expert obtained by Derek was crucial to the arbitration award. Based on his examination and review of his medical records, the doctor concluded that as a direct result of the motorcycle crash our client sustained a permanent partial disability due to his knee injuries.

Arbitration in personal injury law is a method of resolving disputes outside the traditional court system. It involves the parties involved in the dispute agreeing to present their case to a neutral third party, known as an arbitrator. The arbitrator listens to the evidence and arguments from both sides and then makes a binding decision, called an arbitration award. This process is typically faster, more private and less costly than a court trial. Arbitration can be particularly beneficial in personal injury cases, as it can provide a quicker resolution while reducing the emotional and financial stress associated with prolonged litigation.

The arbitrator received a summary of the case from each attorney and reviewed our client’s medical records. Our client testified at the hearing. Based on the evidence, the arbitrator awarded $423,000 for our client’s injuries. This award is approximately triple the amount that our client’s original attorney was willing to accept as a settlement. Once the client switched to Basch & Keegan, Derek J. Spada helped him every step of the way to a successful conclusion.

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