John A. DeGasperis Forces Progressive Insurance Company to Settle by Proving Vehicle and Traffic Law Violations Caused Motorcycle Crash

"Rules of the road exist for a reason. Violate those rules and you should expect to be held accountable," said John A. DeGasperis, who recently represented a motorcyclist who was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash. The crash was caused by the negligence of another driver who violated New York's Vehicle and Traffic Laws.

Basch & Keegan's client was an experienced motorcycle rider, but this experience alone will not keep riders safe. On the day of the crash, our client was riding his motorcycle west on Route 28 in the Town of Hurley in Upstate New York. He approached the intersection with Maverick Road when another car pulled out from a stop sign. The driver of the car failed to yield the right of way and violated multiple sections of New York's Vehicle and Traffic Law. These violations resulted in a crash. Basch & Keegan's client fractured his leg.

The other driver was insured by Progressive Insurance Company. According to John, Progressive is one of the worst car insurance companies in the business. "From day one, my client's injuries were worth well more than the available insurance coverage of $245,000. From day one, Progressive played games by refusing to offer full value. Progressive tried to settle the case for a fraction of what my client was legally entitled to."

John laughed at the initial offer, and he prosecuted his case. Over time, Progressive increased its offer by increments of $10,000. John rejected each offer until Progressive finally offered the full policy limits. "Progressive is disgraceful. They wasted everyone's time and money by taking such a long time to tender the policy limits," said John.

Insurance companies often offer low settlements far below the full available coverage hoping the injured person is inpatient and poor. This is an extremely disheartening and dishonest act by these large insurance corporations. Basch & Keegan will never back down and will fight for the recovery that its clients deserve. Insurance companies do not scare us.

Because of John’s experience and perseverance, our client received the full recovery for his motorcycle accident. The $245,000 will help our client and his family get back on his feet and back on his bike after this injury.

If you’ve been injured on your bike, let's make it right. Call Basch & Keegan, Here to Help and Never Give Up.

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