The Most Common Summer Recreational Accidents

Boat Crash

Summer brings plenty of fun and activities for all ages. Unfortunately, it also brings a higher risk of recreational accidents due to the increased outdoor activities such as boating, water sports, biking, hiking, and other summer sports; as well as visiting amusement parks.

Boating accidents are particularly dangerous because of the potential for drowning or severe injury caused by collisions with other boats or other objects in the water. Water sports, such as jetskiing and tubing, can also cause serious injuries due to high speed collisions with other craft or obstacles. Kiteboarding and windsurfing are especially dangerous because of the unpredictable nature of the wind.

Hiking and biking can be hazardous for both beginners and experienced outdoor enthusiasts. Trails may contain unexpected terrain, wildlife, or obstacles that can lead to injury. Additionally, collisions with other hikers and bikers can also cause serious injuries.

Amusement park rides are a popular summer activity for many families For instance, our office is not far from Legoland and Great Escape. However, they may also pose a risk of serious accidents due to the high speeds and heights involved. Mechanical failures, improper restraints, or riders who do not follow safety guidelines can all increase the risk of injury.

No matter what type of recreation you are participating in this summer, it is important to be aware of potential hazards and take appropriate steps to stay safe. Wear proper safety gear, follow all instructions, and make sure children are supervised at all times. By taking the necessary precautions, you can still enjoy the summer without risking serious injury or worse. And remember, if you have been injured in an accident, call Basch & Keegan LLP. Our accident attorneys have the experience and skill to secure the compensation you deserve.