Derek J. Spada Settles Tractor Trailer Collision in Greene County

tractor trailer crash

Derek J. Spada Settles Tractor-Trailer Collision in Greene County

Basch & Keegan settled a case this month for a woman who was stopped for a red light and rear-ended twice by a tractor-trailer. The driver of the truck claimed that he did not see our client. When the light turned green, the truck driver immediately accelerated and rear-ended our client, pushing her vehicle into the middle of the intersection. The truck driver thought the sound of the impact was a tire blowing out on his truck. He planned to drive through the intersection and pull over to check his tire. The truck driver then accelerated and crashed into our client’s car again.

Shortly after the collision, the truck driver admitted, “I never saw you. I never saw you. I’m so sorry. Are you ok? I never saw you.”

As a result of these two impacts, our client sustained injuries to her neck and back. She was evaluated at a local Urgent Care due to persistent pain after the crash and was referred to an orthopedic surgeon and her primary care physician. An MRI of her neck was ordered, and it was positive for a severely herniated disc. She was referred to a neurosurgeon who performed an anterior microdiscectomy on her neck. There were postoperative complications, and she developed ptosis to the right upper eyelid, which resulted in her eye remaining partially closed. This required two additional surgeries on her eyelid to correct the condition.

Derek J. Spada proved that the truck driver and trucking company were 100% at fault for this collision, and obtained a $575,000 settlement for our client, which was more than she expected. Derek handled this tractor-trailer case with fortitude and obtained a result that will change our client’s life by reimbursing her for lost wages, medical bills, and her pain and suffering.

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