Property Damage Insurance Claims

Tree fallen on cars

If your car, home, business, or any other personal property has been damaged or destroyed, Basch and Keegan can help you recover the full benefits you are entitled to under any applicable insurance policies (your own or the at-fault party’s). With legal representation, you can avoid confusion, delays, underpayment, and other issues that frequently arise during the process of making a claim for property damage.

Your Friendly Insurance Adjuster Is Not Your Friend

Your insurance adjuster’s job is to make money for your insurance company – not you. One way adjusters increase profits is by limiting payouts to policyholders. A lot of confusing legalese and complex contract language helps them do this. There are laws, however, to protect you and keep the claims process fair.

In addition to helping clients file claims to cover vehicle damage after an automobile accident, we help home and business owners recover for property damage caused by:

  • Fire: Including flame and smoke damage
  • Wind: Including hurricanes
  • Water: Mold or other issues caused by broken pipes, air conditioning leaks,  dishwasher leaks,  roof leaks, rain or flooding.
  • Theft and Vandalism: Including the value of stolen items

We Thoroughly Review Every Insurance Policy

Knowing what damage is and is not covered under your insurance policy is the first step to obtaining full benefits. We thoroughly review every insurance policy, making sure there is no confusion regarding the extent of your coverage.

We also assess the scope and value of your losses to ensure estimates and settlement offers are fair. That’s because insurance adjusters frequently “lowball” when it comes to estimates. And, we work to expedite the payment process whenever possible, because sometimes insurers simply delay paying policyholders.

We Handle Insurance Coverage Disputes

If there is a dispute involving your insurance coverage, we are prepared and willing to take on your insurance company in negotiations and litigation. In fact, insurance adjusters in Ulster County know we fully litigate insurance claims, which makes them more willing to negotiate a favorable settlement to avoid trial. We also handle insurance claims involving bad faith.

Don’t Wait - Call us NOW!

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, or if your home or business has sustained property damage, contact Basch & Keegan today. We will help you file any property damage insurance claims you may have, working diligently to ensure you recover full benefits for your losses.

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