Derek Spada Triumphs Against Nationwide Insurance Company

Nationwide was not on our client’s side. When the roof of a local motorcycle dealership partially collapsed due to the weight of rain and snow, and the insurance company denied the claim to fix it, the owner hired Basch & Keegan, LLP. Derek Spada held them accountable when they wrongfully denied the claim.

The weather conditions that preceded this incident were unique. There was about a foot of snowfall on the roof, followed by frigid weather and then a rapid temperature rise, which caused snow and ice to melt. Additionally, there was a heavy rainfall when the temperature rose, adding more weight to the roof. Due to the weight on the roof, a portion sunk significantly downward. As a result, the roof membrane ruptured and caused a substantial amount of water to enter the building in numerous locations.

The majority of the roof structure needs to be replaced due to this incident.

Nationwide denied our client’s claim and alleged that the water damage resulted from wear and tear. Derek quickly filed suit against the insurance company. After months of litigation, Derek was ready to go to trial for our client. The insurance company finally offered a six-figure settlement, which our client agreed to accept.

If an insurance company wrongfully denies your claim, Basch & Keegan is here to help. We will knock the insurance giants off their feet and hold them accountable.

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