What if Your Insurance Company Denies Your Home Fire Loss Claim?

For most people, their home is the most valued possession they have, both materially and personally. You look forward to walking through your door at the end of a hard day’s work. You have family and friends over for holidays and parties. You play in your yard with your children. You keep the possessions you have accumulated over a lifetime under your roof, and you hold the memories you have made at home dear to your heart. Any way you look at it, a person’s home is the most important thing to them and the possession they have worked hardest for in their lifetime.

Unfortunately, a home can be destroyed by fire in the blink of an eye. Faulty electrical wiring or appliances, chimney fires, or heater and boiler accidents can take your most important possession, and the valuable possessions it protects, away from you in the time it took you to sign the paperwork before you moved in. If you suffer a loss or damage to your home as a result of fire, you are going to turn to your insurance company for help in your time of need. But what if they deny your claim, or battle you on what is covered and what isn’t? What if they don’t pay for your losses, even though you paid your premiums? That’s where Basch & Keegan steps in and steps up to the plate.

The attorneys at Basch & Keegan play to win, especially when we are up against an insurance company. We will make sure that your insurance pays for everything your policy covers, even if they try to fight you on recovering your losses. We understand home is where the heart is, and experiencing a fire hurts deeply. We will work tirelessly to make sure you get compensated for everything that you are entitled to receive, and we will seek interest on any overdue amount. If you have experienced a fire in your home, no matter the cause, contact the fire loss attorneys at Basch & Keegan.

For nearly 35 years, attorneys at Basch & Keegan have represented accident and injury victims in Ulster County. We emphasize thorough, aggressive and proven litigation strategies, often taking on complex cases and achieving results others didn’t think were possible. To date, we’ve successfully handled more than 7,000 claims, recovering tens of millions of dollars for our clients.

Our lawyers have been honored by the National Trial Lawyers Association, Super Lawyers Magazine, and Martindale-Hubbell. Basch & Keegan has also won “Best Law Firm in the Hudson Valley” three times in a row, as chosen by readers of the Kingston Daily Freeman.

No one who suffers a fire loss deserves to be taken advantage of by an insurance company, but everyone deserves strong legal representation when he or she has had a claim wrongfully denied. With this in mind, we practice law to the best interests of our clients. For every case, we conduct a complete investigation of the facts and determine the best course of action to hold responsible parties accountable for their actions (or inaction).

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