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Were you attacked by someone else’s dangerous dog or unruly pet? You might have a chance to sue for compensation. Allow Basch & Keegan LLP and our Albany dog bite attorneys to help you figure out what to do next.

Our law firm is a staple in the region for trustworthy legal representation. Whether you need us to help negotiate a fair settlement with the animal’s owner or if you need to go to court against their insurance provider, we can be there to support you. Your goals become ours when you hire our team.

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New York Dog Bite Law

In New York, dog owners are susceptible to a “mixed” rule of liability in case their pet hurts someone. Under the mixed liability rule, the owner can be held strictly liable for any medical costs related to the victim’s necessary care after the animal attack. Additional damages related to lost wages, pain and suffering, and so on can be contested and there must have been a reason for the dog owner to know that their dog was dangerous or likely to attack someone.

The second half of this mixed rule of liability is similar to a “one bite” rule used in other states. If the dog owner did not have reason to suspect their dog was dangerous, then the first bite the animal inflicts on a stranger can be “excused” and related damages can’t be pursued. A court’s discretion can decide what qualifies as a reason to suspect a dog was dangerous before it was bitten, though.

The “one bite rule” might not apply if the dog was:

  • Bred to be aggressive.
  • Showing outward signs of aggression just before attacking.
  • Not on a leash.
  • Allowed to approach strangers without supervision.
  • Known to have attacked other dogs and animals before.

Nonmedical Damages After Animal Attacks

A dog owner can be held strictly liable for the medical care necessitated by an attack carried out by their pet. Filing a claim for such damages is usually not as contested as seeking damages for other reasons, but it is not necessarily going to be easy if an insurance company does not want to cooperate. For other types of damages, you should prepare for a legal contest no matter what.

People who have suffered an animal attack are often traumatized and experience:

  • Anxiety or depression
  • Triggers when near a similar animal
  • Constant, irrational fear
  • Night traumas of the attack

In your animal attack claim, you can demand damages that account for these mental health difficulties and emotional scars. You will need to prove that the dog owner was negligent in their control of the animal and that negligence is what enabled it to attack you. Using our practice experience and legal insight, we can help identify useful pieces of evidence to firmly establish liability.

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