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Nobody ever expects that they would suffer an injury due to an animal attack or unfortunate event involving an animal, but it does happen. Our Kingston personal injury attorneys at Basch & Keegan LLP have seen and represented countless people who have suffered harm as a result of a dog bite, horse attack, or other animal accident.

All throughout Kingston, Ulster County, and Hudson Valley, it’s our primary focus to help individuals who suffer harm in these attacks. Unfortunately, it’s often younger children who suffer the most catastrophic injuries as a result of animal attacks, and they may be left to endure a lifetime of physical and mental trauma. We’re here to help them and their families move forward and pursue compensation during this difficult time.

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We Hold Dog Owners Liable for Injuries Caused By Their Animals

When it comes to animal attacks, one of the most common issues includes dog bites. Unfortunately, these dog bites are often the negligence of a dog owner rather than the dog itself. When dog owners do not socialize their dogs, spay or neuter them, or supervise and confine them, severe problems can arise. Dog owners who are considered irresponsible by creating aggressive behavior within their dogs can be liable whenever the animal bites someone.

While it may seem obvious that dog owners should be held responsible for the actions of their dogs, in New York, an injured person can hold the dog owner accountable for a dog’s actions if:

  • The dog who attacked has a previous history or shows tendency of biting people

  • The dog owner knew of the previous attacks or aggressive behavior

If you cannot show these two stipulations, it can be difficult to go through the civil justice system and successfully win a personal injury lawsuit when you do not obtain adequate representation. Basch & Keegan LLP have successfully handled dog bite cases, despite the strictness of the law.

Your Rights Following an Animal Attack

Whether you suffer a dog bite, horse attack, or any other accident involving an animal, it’s vital to recognize your rights regarding legal action. You or someone you love must take essential steps to best protect your rights, including taking photos of the marks or injuries you sustained because of the attack. You can also show bruises, torn clothing, or bloody clothing from the attack. All evidence you can gather and any witness information (name and contact information) can be crucial in helping to strengthen your claim.

Once you have all of the evidence and documentation you need, be sure to speak with a personal injury attorney who has significant experience regarding animal attacks. The sooner you act, the stronger chance you have to get the results you need.

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