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You Can Sue Corporations for Dangerous Products

Every product that you buy should be safe enough to use. Yet thousands of Americans a year are seriously injured or lose their lives to unsafe products with defects caused by manufacturer negligence. If you were recently injured by a dangerous or defective product, then Basch & Keegan LLP can help you understand your rights and act on them in pursuit of fair compensation.

Our attorneys can help if you or your family were hurt by a product, such as:

  • Pharmaceutical drugs and prescription medicines
  • Medical devices and equipment like hip implants
  • Auto part defects like airbags and tires
  • Power tools and other household machinery
  • Children’s toys and playground equipment
  • Electrical and kitchen appliances

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Product Defects & Design Flaws

Products can become unreasonably dangerous for a number of reasons and due to the neglect of a number of different parties. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers all can become partially or completely liable for the harm caused by a defective product if something that they did led to its defect.

Four main types of product defects are:

  • Design: A product can become unsafe due to an inherent flaw in its design. For example, the notorious exploding Takata airbags were designed to use an unstable chemical component, which means the design flaw ensured the airbags were never safe enough for consumer use.
  • Manufacturing: A mistake during the manufacturing process can make a product unsafe. For example, a bookcase that is shipped without a wall mount can dangerously defective and might tip over.
  • Instruction: Products without proper instructions for day-to-day use can put consumers in unreasonable damage and be considered defective.
  • Handling: Some products become dangerous between the point it leaves the manufacturer’s control and the point of sale, usually due to some sort of mishandling by a vendor or distributor. For example, if a grocery store kept a meat product at room temperature and someone bought it, ate it, and got sick, then the “defect” would be caused by the store, not the original supplier.

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You can hold a product manufacturer or retailer liable for the injuries their defective product caused you. But it might not be easy. Big companies usually have big legal defense teams ready to challenge any claim filed against them.

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